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Rodenstock DNEye Scanner

Eye Scan


Discover EyeLT® – the revolution for 100% sharpness & contrast.
The Rodenstock Eye Lens Technology sets new standards in the field of made-to-measure lenses. With EyeLT® and Impression® 2 and Multigressiv® lenses it is now possible to exploit 100% of your visual potential.

The key to this is high-precision measurement with the newly developed Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner. It provides a comprehensive individual assessment of your entire visual system, as well as the brightness-dependent changes of the pupils which allows you to use 100% of your visual potential.

The result is particularly evident in progressive lenses, but also with single vision or occupational lenses: Customisation Impression® 2 and Multigressiv® lenses that are tailored to each individual visual point perfectly to your eye.

For maximum comfort and best compatibility. Branded spectacles from Rodenstock, recognised with the Brand Mark.

  • See better in the far distance – Clear crisp vision when looking into the distance.
  • See better in the intermediate region – Details can be accurately perceived in the intermediate zone.
  • See better at a closer range – Vision improved by up to 40% when reading in the near zone.


For a limited time only, we are offering a free DNEye Scanner Assessment, worth £35, only available at our Flitwick, Sandy and St Neots Branches.

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