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Our Services
Your local eyecare professional:

At Allders Opticians we pride ourselves with the knowledge that our patients receive the best customer journey in all the services we provide.

Eye Examination
Your eyes are arguably the most complex part of your body, look after them...

A regular eye examination should be part of your on-going holistic health-care program. Examining the eye not only reveals eye problems but systemic illnesses too, e.g. diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Increasingly the health of the eye forms a large part of the eye examination. All Allders optometrists are highly-trained, experienced, primary health-care practitioners, taking 3 years to gain a BSc(Hons) degree in optometry and followed by a further year in practice to obtain a MCOptom. Each is registered with the GOC and undertakes continual training.

They are qualified to prescribe spectacles; to recognise and know when to refer any pathology seen; to be able to assess any problems with the position and movement of the eyes; to fit contact lenses; to dispense any spectacles required.

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Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses will alter how you see – and how others see you!

All our Optometrists are experienced in fitting contact lenses and regularly attend training seminars to stay up to date with the latest technology and products. Whether you’ve tried them in the past or are considering wearing them for the first time, our Optometrists will be happy to discuss contact lens possibilities for you and can arrange a trial if you are undecided.

Whether you want a completely new look or the freedom to be more active, contact lenses are an excellent alternative to spectacles or it may be that you would only like to wear them occasionally - perhaps for sport or special occasions? From daily disposables and extended wear to fashionable coloured lenses and specialist Toric lenses designed to correct astigmatism, we have the right contact lenses to suit your eyesight and lifestyle.

With recent technological advances in lenses, as soon as vision correction is identified, contact lenses can also be used to correct eyesight problems for children. Our friendly, qualified opticians will be able to monitor how well the child is looking after them to ensure that their eyes remain healthy

At Allders Opticians not only are we able to offer outstanding choice of contact lenses, we also offer the support and aftercare to continuing lens wearers. Regular consultations with our practitioners are essential in maintaining the health and comfort of your eyes when using contact lenses. We will check your eyes are healthy and your current lenses are fitting well, and keep you up to date with all of the latest contact lens which are available. If you ever experience any problems whilst wearing your contact lenses, you can arrange an aftercare consultation to discuss things anytime.

Under current UK law, we are unable to supply contact lenses if your specification is out of date. By having regular aftercare consultations, we can ensure your eyes are performing at their best, and keep your specification up to date.

If you purchase your contact lenses on a monthly Direct Debit basis you will also receive your annual eye examination and aftercare at no charge, together with free home delivery (where applicable) and 25% discount off all spectacle and sunglass orders.

Dry Eye Assessments

Allders Opticians in Ampthill, have introduced a specialist clinic to deal with the widespread problem of “dry eye” and blepharitis.

The common condition causes prolonged discomfort for many people, most of whom will experience significant relief once they know exactly how to manage the condition.

At the Dry Eye and Ocular Hygiene Clinic the many causes of dry eye, including Sjogrens syndrome, blepharitis, evaporative dry eye syndrome, contact lens dry eye, post laser dry eye, Meibomian gland dysfunction, eyelid cysts and styes, will be carefully investigated and the appropriate treatment determined.

Our specialist service will assess the symptoms, undertake a detailed examination of the eyes, in particular the cornea, conjunctiva, eye lids and tears, and then recommend the latest and best lubricants, hygiene, heat and massage treatments to alleviate the symptoms. We will then explain exactly how to treat the particular condition with a bespoke patient training session and care plan. Follow up appointments will be scheduled to fine tune the treatment for a period of up to three months, and then as required.

ChromaGen Lenses

Chromagen tinted lenses can be beneficial to children and adults with reading disorders. They can help to improve the speed and accuracy of reading, writing and comprehension.

Unlike an overlay, they can be used for writing and screen work, as well as reading from the printed page.

At present Allders Opticians are offering this examination free of charge, usual price of £75.00. Therefore if you feel this may help you or your child, then please make an appointment to see our consultant Ms. Gillian Bamford in our store at Barton Le Clay.

Dispensing consultations
See better. Look perfect.

The right spectacles - Practically nothing can have such a great effect on your appearance as your spectacles. You can emphasise your personality when you choose the colour, material, shape and size of the frame.

The spectacles can create a strict impression or a friendly one, can radiate a dynamic or a laid-back look, or they can express extravagance or subdued modesty. In other words: your spectacles create highlights. For just like your clothing, your spectacles make a statement on your attitude to life, on your style and on your personal taste.

This is why choosing the right frame is so important. Be inspired by the Allders frame collections.


We at Allders Opticians have Qualified Dispensers and experienced Optical Advisors who are knowledgeable in the art of adjusting spectacle frames and sunglasses. Whether you have purchased these from Allders Opticians or elsewhere we would be happy to provide this service for you.


Whether your wonderful pooch has got hold of your spectacles or your six foot husband has sat on them, we at Allders Opticians are confident that we can repair any frames. We can order parts if required and replace uncomfortable nose pads, no repair is beyond our scope.