State-of-the-art lenses that modern technology can produce.

Our experienced Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Dispensing Assistants are regularly trained on the technical features of the extensive range of Rodenstock lens products, tints and coatings. They will ensure that the benefits of the different products are clearly and simply explained to you, allowing you to make an informed choice, and creating spectacles that are as clear and comfortable for you as possible.

Our lens range includes single-vision, bifocal, progressive and sun lenses at competitive prices. The lenses are technologically advanced to enhance your visual experience, with features such as antireflection coatings, scratch-resistant coatings, individualised lenses, self-tinting lenses, and progressive lenses, together with different lens materials to ensure the thinnest, most comfortable spectacles you have ever worn.


We are so confident you will get on with our progressive lenses that we guarantee them with a 3-month non-tolerance warranty. Try them for yourself…

Progressive PureLife Free®

This new generation progressive lens perfectly meets the needs of cost conscious wearers. These lenses are made with the latest state-of-the-art freeform technology, bringing you comfortable and fatigue free near and long-distance vision.

Multigressiv MyView®

In addition to excellent distance vision, this tailored progressive lens will provide you with optimised near and intermediate vision, providing wider symmetrical visual fields with a natural feel.


Rediscover natural vision with this fully individualised progressive lens. It takes into account how your chosen frame fits your face, in addition to your prescription and other individual parameters. Allowing you access to much wider and ideally arranged visual zones for all distances.


We also specialise in lenses for near vision. If you like to read, cook, do hobbies, do handicrafts, or work a lot at the computer, your normal progressive lenses or reading glasses are often not enough.

Ergo® near comfort lenses.

The large visual areas and their placement promise relaxed and fatigue-free vision with natural head and body posture and are the only lenses on the market that can be individually tailored to your specific needs – to your typical shifts in focus and working distances.


Allders offer an innovative portfolio of sports lenses which have been specially designed to meet the demands of sports eyewear and the best individual solution available for sports-orientated spectacle wearers. We are happy to discuss your favourite sport and match the best lens, tint and frame to provide you with the ultimate sports spectacles.


Our eyes work hard – day in, day out. They adapt continuously to changing light conditions such as twilight, shadows, dazzling artificial light or sunshine – all without us even noticing. There are also photochromic lenses which support our eyes in this work and so permit more relaxed, more comfortable vision. The most important categories in which modern photochromic lenses have to prove their value are speed, protection and colour. The ColorMatic® IQ lens range available at Allders provides impressive and excellent performance in all three areas.