How Much Can An Eye Test Reveal?

We are all culprits of putting off an eye test but it’s so important for all of us to realise just what a normal test can detect. Not only do they check the health of the eyes but they also pick up on minor eye conditions such as dry eye or infections. in some circumstances, however, these tests can unearth a number of health problems that are a lot more serious. Have a look at the list below of what can be detected from an eye test:

1. Dementia

Many different types of Dementia can damage the visual system and cause further visual difficulties the longer it is left undetected. These difficulties can evolve into health conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. There are also rarer forms of the disease that can be observed such as posterior cortical atrophy which similarly can cause problems with vision.

2. Diabetes

Amazingly, one in five adults is unaware that opticians can check for signs of a number of different health conditions, including diabetes. Research has shown that a lot of people in general just need education on this particular subject. It is essential to bear in mind that when diabetes is in its early stages, it does not show any noticeable symptoms which is why a large number of people are unaware that they have it. However, a trip to the optician can detect the condition before you notice any changes to your vision.

3. High Blood Pressure

It is common for an optician to inform someone that they may have High Blood Pressure as a result of observations during a routine eye test. If the blood vessels in the retina are narrowed or are leaking during the examination then the optician will be able to spot this. Patients with this condition can develop something called hypertensive retinopathy which is where the blood vessel walls in the retina can thicken. This, in essence, narrows the vessels and restricts blood from passing through properly.

4. Cardiovascular Disease

Having a health issue such as high cholesterol can lead to heart problems or even strokes. These problems often go without being detected until it’s too late. These problems can cause blockages in any of the body’s blood vessels including those which are in the eyes. Normally these blockages look like little lumps of cholesterol running through the blood vessels which in turn can cause episodes of visual loss which are easily seen during an eye examination.

5. Tumours

Complications such as melanomas and other forms of cancers can be seen during eye examinations, but what many people don’t realise is that they can also detect signs of a brain tumour. During these types of cases, the optician can see swelling of the optic nerves which would indicate that a brain tumour is present.

So when was the last time that you scheduled yourself in to visit the opticians? If you are having any sort of problems with your eyes then make sure you book an early appointment.