2nd Free Frame with Rodenstock Ergo Lenses

Free 2nd frame, when purchased with Rodenstock Ergo® Lenses...

because one pair is never enough!


More relaxation for you - and your eyes!
The Rodenstock computer spectacles campaign with Ergo® near comfort lenses

Does this sound familiar: You are working at the computer, are surfing the net with your tablet or are reading an e-book - and after only a short time, your neck starts to ache and your eyes start to burn?

We can put an end to this: For Rodenstock can offer computer eyewear with Ergo® near comfort lenses which allow you to enjoy fatigue-free vision. The very large field of view in the near and intermediate zones means that your body posture is always relaxed, e.g. when reading or looking at the screen.

Enjoy a new quality of life thanks to an ergonomic head and body posture. You will notice a definite positive effect even if you only sit in front of a screen 5 to 10 hours a week.

Benefit from:
-    An individual fitting of the vision zones to your personal working and vision environment
-    Reflection-free vision thanks to the coating Solitaire® 2 Coatings
-    Spectacles you will also enjoy wearing at home, e.g. when cooking, watching TV or doing some DIY

We have a special offer for you until 31 October. Any 2nd free frame, when purchased with Rodenstock Ergo® Lenses (terms and conditions apply, please ask in store for more details).

Why not drop in and see us - without any obligation. We will be pleased to advise you.