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Gritty, sandy sensations, irritated, red eyes, burning, stinging, tender eyelids, watery eyes.

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You may have a common tear problem, known as Dry Eye, but the good news is, that once it has been properly investigated, most people find that it is relatively easy to treat.

Symptoms occur when your tear flow reduces or evaporates too quickly, causing the very sensitive front surface of your eye to dry out.

However there are many causes of dry eye and at the Dry Eye Clinic, we will carefully assess your symptoms; recommend the latest and best treatments to alleviate those symptoms and ensure that you know exactly how to treat and manage your condition with a bespoke care plan. You will then be invited to return for follow-up appointments to refine your treatment over the following 3 months.

The clinic also offers management of common eyelid problems like blepharitis and eyelid cysts (chalazion, stye and meibomian cysts).

This is a private fee service and is not covered by a NHS eye examination.